How should we dress?

While style of dress is entirely up to you, keep in mind that particularly for outdoor beach or park portraits, simplicity is best. Portraits look best if your party is wearing light or pastel solids – no patterns to war with the backgrounds! Khaki pants/skirts or jeans with white or light colored simple tees or button downs are perfect.

If you’re planning a “family reunion” style photo, why not have each individual family in a different shade top? That way, you can keep a continuity of looks when photographed together, but it’s easy to pick out individual families.  One day, the kids in the photo (or their children) might appreciate being able to tell which families belong together.  (Can you tell that another of my hobbies is genealogy?!)

If you have any particular props or ideas to bring to the shoot, feel free to bring them, and if your group loves to play, let me know – I usually have a tug-of-war rope, so let me know if you’d like me to be sure I have it with me; I love spontaneity and will try to incorporate any ideas you may have!

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