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Life is a Highway, or so the song says! I’ve always loved photography, and my albums (and computer) are full of captured “memories”.  From a Kodak 110 when I was 12, to my first second-hand Rangefinder (a gift from Grandpa), to learning the ins and outs of my hubby’s 35mm – Digital Photography has definitely made life easier!

My favorite photos are filled with the nature of Florida – so much of my work is framed in the natural beauty that serves as a perfect backdrop for casual portraits that are sure to be cherished for years to come.  Step inside my gallery for a quick view of some of my work.

You may reach me through my email address:  kaycharrison at kayceespix.com or call or text me your information at 386/689-9318 and I’ll get in touch promptly.

2 thoughts on “About Kay

  1. Joanie

    Hi Kay,
    I am looking for someone to take photographs of my family, but I do not know any photographers in the area. I would like to see some of your photos. Where can I find them?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Joanie –

      Sorry to take so long to respond, but I am finally back to working on my site – I just migrated from an old Printroom account which had a nice slideshow feature that I’m now trying to recover. Will get back to you in the next day or so to let you know it’s up or will send you some samples directly if I get hung up and don’t get it updated in a timely manner. Do you live in our area or are you planning a trip? Feel free to email me back at kay@kayceespix.com or call me at 386/689-9318 with any questions.

      Best Regards,

      Kay Harrison


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